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  About ChaoHua

Rooted In China Visioning The Globe

CHAOHUA TECHs development goal is to become one of the worlds most outstanding Circuitry solution provider.
CHAOHUA TECH pays heavy attention and participation to both national and international market competition, as well as the capital markets activities. The company strives to expand international and domestic markets by the means of exporting, joint ventures, cooperation, and so on.
CHAOHUA TECH persists in the principle of constant pursuit of industry leading technologyfocus on high Cquality customers and deeply develop domestic and foreign marketsand centering on presenting global image and global brand.

We hold on to becoming a trustworthy, promise-keeping, and respectable company, and also an enterprise which has been striving to achieve scientific and technological preeminence and value sublimation. Meanwhile
Guangdong Chaohua Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise which is specialized in the production and operation of single-sided, double-sided, and multilayer PCB, CCL, Electrolytic Copper Foil...
Standing in the front of the high technology industry, the core value of Chaohua Tech is human being. Chaohua Tech believes that the way one does business reflects ones moral standards.
Chaohua Tech is acknowledged by the marketing & society through our good quality,brand & service
In order to adapt to international operating and diversified development, A entirely new team is shaped by restructuring and optimizing its member companies & management structure.
It has now been developed into a high-tech enterprise owning Guangdong Province electronic substrate engineering technology research and development center and is now setting up Guangdong Province Key Laboratory .
Motivate all our colleagues to appreciate help from all side, fulfill related responsibilities, and expand the love back to society, to build up a social environment with harmonious coexistence and help to the disadvantaged, the poor
Achieving to be the industry pioneer
by leveraging the capital market